We lay special emphasis on high standards of quality and keen precision All our products are manufactured by following laid down procedures for quality according to international norms We ensure flawless production and distribution of our products The quality control checks done under professional personnel to make sure that the products meet all international standards The company can also supply orablue chem of different packaging and rates as desired by the customer The company can also supply Sodium metasilicate(5h2o), Sodium metasilicate(9h2o), Sodium sulfite,Sodium Metabisulfite, Sodium Bisulfite of different grades and rates as expected by the customer


  • Integrity: We prioritize respect, reliability, truth and honesty in the relationships with our customers, colleges, and suppliers.
  • Responsibility: We take over and fulfill our duties.
  • Flexibility: We adjust solutions to each company┬┤s needs.
  • Team work: We encourage team work within the company, with customers and with suppliers.
  • Excellence :We are constantly striving to improve the services we offer.